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J.D. Raymond Transport

Specializing in Wood Waste Recycling

At J.D. Raymond Transport the core of our business has always been trucking. It's where everything was started and is still the glue that ties it all together. Most of our trucking is done with live bottom trailers, which allows us the flexibility to haul a variety of products, including bark, mulch, construction debris, municipal solid waste, wood chips, and other materials.


Our forest products division is a leading supplier of biomass to several wood to energy plants and paper mills throughout Maine. We constantly strive for perfection in our operation and that allows us to produce a quality product at a consistent steady rate that meets the needs of our customers and the landowners we serve.

Our company is a significant supplier of bark mulch to wholesale customers throughout New England. We offer hemlock mulch, pine blend and black mulch. We also offer MOFGA certified organic food waste compost. Contact us to learn about our other offerings.

Our History

J.D. Raymond Transport was formed in 1999 when company president, John Raymond, bought is first truck and trailer and began hauling sludge from Massachusetts to Maine. Having a strong work ethic and an eagerness to accept new challenges led John to continuously look for ways to grow the business.

By 2004, the company was involved in buying and selling raw bark and incorporating it into the trucking business which by now was well established with a fleet of company owned trucks as well as a few owner operators. That raw bark activity and the seasonality of the mulch business eventually led to the establishment of a yard in Massachusetts where bark could be stored and eventually made into finished mulch for customers throughout the greater Boston and surrounding areas.

This is also about the time that the forest products business was started. The company saw a potential opportunity to serve logging contractors and landowners who were not grinding or chipping their limbs and tops. The company bought a grinder and began offering the service. This part of the business was slow in the beginning but hard work and the effort to continuously improve the process worked. We are now well established as a leader in the supply of biomass to paper mills and power plants in eastern and northern Maine.

In 2006 the company outgrew its shop in Corinna, Maine and moved to a new facility at 690 Odlin Rd in Bangor, Maine. The increase in capacity of the new shop combined with the convenient location allowed the company to start offering its service to owner operators and other outside customers.